screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-5-46-29-pmThere are a few ways for you to get involved as a volunteer at CONNECT.

Conference Ambassador

CONNECT is a prime opportunity to make lasting connections and build a stronger community of philanthropists working with few or no staff. Our ambassador program helps to put first-time participants at ease by introducing them to a seasoned participant of Exponent Philanthropy events. This opportunity is only open to members.

Why should I volunteer as an ambassador?
As an ambassador you will be connected with one or more participants new to our conference. We encourage you to take some time before the conference to share your experience with peers and welcome them into our community. Make your connection meaningful by scheduling an in-person meet-up during the conference.

How much time will I need to commit?
The time commitment for participants is minimal; we anticipate an hour of time prior to the conference and scheduling an hour to connect at the conference.

Dine-In Table Hostscreen-shot-2017-02-14-at-5-36-25-pm

At this year’s CONNECT, all meals, including dinner, are included in your conference registration and will be held on-site at The Inverness restaurant. Meal-time will be an opportunity for socializing and ‘CONNECT’ing with fellow funders and experts.

  • Saturday evening is our conference Welcome Dinner.
  • At breakfast and lunch, we are encouraging semi-formal networking by grouping participants by these metrics: number of staff, years working in philanthropy, funding topic, role in philanthropy, geographical area.
  • Sunday and Monday evening at dinner, if you would like a focused discussion, please volunteer to lead a Dine-In Table!

How will conference participants learn about Dine-In Table topics?
We will publicize the Dine-In Tables to all conference participants by email and on our website. At dinnertime, we will clearly label hosted tables so participants may select a table that suits them.

What kinds of conversations will be held at hosted Dine-In Tables?
Hosted tables are opportunities for informal topic-focused conversations (e.g. sunsetting foundations) or for dining with a specific peer group (e.g., donors, family foundation executive directors)

How many participants should I expect?
Tables fit 10 conference participants.

Guest Tweeter

Exponent Philanthropy has close to 7,000 followers on Twitter. Volunteers will help Exponent Philanthropy engage conference participants through social media before and during the conference.

Who should volunteer as a Guest Tweeter?
Volunteers should have a basic understanding of Twitter and an active Twitter account.

What is the expectation for a Guest Tweeter?
Guest Tweeters will receive guidelines and sample tweets in August by email. The time commitment is minimal, and we ask volunteers to engage in conversations around CONNECT on Twitter before and during the conference. 

Volunteering is simple and has been integrated into our conference registration form. Please email us or call 202-580-6560 with any questions about the program.