Session Formats: Glossary

Format types give you an idea of what style of learning to expect in each session and help you decide which sessions are right for you.

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Brainstorm: Generate ideas in a group by eliciting quick contributions without comment or opinion

Case Study: Examine a fictitious or true account related to the topic

Group Discussion: Exchange of ideas with the total group participating. Groups can be the whole group, small groups (4-7), triads, or pairs

Ignite Talk: Brief visual and oral presentation

Peer Coaching: In triads or pairs, each participant has a chance to share a challenge with the group and get feedback

Popcorn: Facilitator pulls ideas from the audience for feedback and ideas

Panel Presentation: 2-4 people offer a formal, thematic presentation focused on an issue allowing for Q&A or discussion afterward

Presentation: Practitioner or expert gives formal presentation sharing conceptual or methodological innovations, usually followed by audience Q&A

Q&A: Participants are invited to ask the trainer questions about subject-matter content after being presented training material

Reflection: Participants reflect to enhance their personal learning and the topic’s application to their situations

Role-Playing: Used to try new skills, stimulate discussion, or portray a challenge

Round Robin: Multiple presenters are each seated at a table; participants select a table for conversation or demo, moving to a new table after an allotted time

Roundtable Discussion: Informal discussions with no formal presentation. Sometimes these are peer-led and others there is a facilitator to generate questions/ideas and discussion

Salon Conversation: Small group discussions led by a facilitator often sparked by a provocative readings or ideas

Storytelling: Speakers tell organizational stories of success, lessons learned, and failure which can be followed by discussion about the implications of those stories for other organizations

Worksheet: Work through an analysis with sample data or questions