Philanthropic Leadership Track Schedule

Philanthropic Leadership
PhilanthropicLeadershipIf you’re ready to kick your leadership skills into the next gear, this track is for you. Start with an internal reflection to re-center yourself and reconnect with your philanthropic purpose. Then learn how to set aside the day-to-day management of giving and get out into the community, bring the community into your giving processes, or advocate on behalf of your community. To ensure you can translate learned practices into action, the track concludes with an examination of your personal barriers to taking bold action and tips on how to break those barriers down.

Day 1:        Sunday, October 15

1:30–4:30 pm            Find Your Guiding Purpose in Philanthropy

This workshop invites you to think deeply about what you wish to accomplish in philanthropy. Consider your guiding purpose in life and how to align it with your work, giving, volunteering, and activism. Designed for donors and foundation trustees, staff, and family who want to influence their foundation’s vision, this workshop helps you discover your inner philanthropist.

  • Develop a coherent sense of how your personal development has laid the groundwork for your guiding purpose in life.
  • Consider how that purpose has or has not been fulfilled in your life and work.
  • Map out steps to better align your guiding purpose with your personal philanthropic vision and with your work in philanthropy.

John Richardson, Blackstone Ranch Institute

This session will be presented with the following formats: Storytelling, Reflection, Dyadic Discussion, Peer Coaching

DAY 2:                Monday, October 16

9:30–11:45 am           Out of Your Bubble and Into Your Community

As funders, our greatest insights, ideas, and inspiration often come when we take time to get away from the comfort of our offices, engage people in our community, listen, and learn. Find out how to acquire and engage deep knowledge so you can pinpoint where your dollars, connections, and influence can make catalytic impact.

  • Discover how developing knowledge and insight into your community or chosen field is essential to figuring out how to use your resources in the most powerful ways.
  • Learn practical techniques to scan the landscape and develop insight into priority needs and leverage points for change.
  • Find out how to overcome barriers to scanning, including lack of time and fear of being more public as a funder.

Keahi Makaimoku, Hau`oli Mau Loa Foundation; Kris Putnam-Walkerly, Putnam Consulting Group; David Siegel, Bee Vradenbug Foundation; Bill Young, Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Foundation, Inc.

This session will be presented with the following formats: Presentation, Storytelling, Popcorn, Brainstorm

1:30–4:30 pm            Find Your Voice in the Policy Arena

As a philanthropist, your voice carries tremendous weight in the policy arena. Learn practical ways to influence the policy landscape of an issue to get at the root of problems and catalyze wide-scale change. This session is designed for those who intend—or have already begun—to fund advocacy or get involved in policy.

  • Learn five powerful components of effective, nonpartisan policy engagement by small-staffed foundations and donors. Explore how you can get involved in one or two components, or all five.
  • Consider two effective engagement models: catalyzing an effort on your own and joining an advocacy collaborative.
  • Be inspired by case examples of successful policy engagement by small funders in multiple states.

Jason Sabo, Frontera Strategy; Kim Straus, Brindle Foundation

This session will be presented with the following formats: Presentation, Storytelling, Worksheet, Peer Coaching

1:30–4:30 pm           Bring Community Voices to Your Table

We often say that community engagement is about “getting out of the office.” But can you bring your community into the office? In this session, we’ll rethink assumptions and explore new ways of doing business that bring new, diverse voices to your foundation’s decision-making.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your foundation’s opportunities to engage in learning and impact
  • Be inspired by bold new ideas – from genuine transparency through advisory committees to participatory grantmaking
  • Develop specific next steps to improve your foundation’s ability to incorporate community voices

Caroline D. Avery, Durfee Foundation; Jen Bokoff, Foundation Center; Ruth Masterson, MPP, Exponent Philanthropy; Philip Walsh, Maine Initiatives

DAY 3:                Tuesday, October 17

8:45–11:00 am           Salon: Summon the Courage To Be Daring

Are you considering convening, engaging in advocacy, or being more public in your philanthropy? Many leaders need support to take these bold steps. With your peers, explore in this small, intimate setting the challenges of taking on leadership roles and ways to overcome them—especially the personal and emotional barriers holding you back.

  • Consider examples of leadership by small-staffed funders, the doubts and fears these individuals may have had, and how they have prepared for action.
  • Discuss with your peers both the challenges you feel or are facing in taking on leadership roles and ways you can overcome them.
  • Discuss with your peers both the challenges you feel or are facing in taking on leadership roles and ways you can overcome them.

Andy Carroll, Exponent Philanthropy

This session will be presented with the following formats: Salon Conversation, Role Playing, Peer Coaching, Brainstorm