Financial Stewardship Track Schedule

Financial Stewardship
FinancialStewardshipRegardless of the giving vehicles you use, this track shows you how to maximize your impact through strategic leveraging of your financial resources. Start with a session on ways to integrate grantmaking, donor advised funds, or DAFs, impact investments, and personal giving into a strategy that reflects your giving approach and style. Then explore creative ways to use DAFs, learn how to source impact investing deals, and examine methods for constructively managing risk within your giving portfolio.
Portions of this track are generously supported by Fidelity Charitable®, sponsor of the largest DAF program in the United States.

Day 1:        Sunday, October 15

1:30–4:30 pm            A Multidimensional Approach to Your Giving

Today’s philanthropist often gives in multiple ways: through foundation grantmaking, personal check writing, giving circles, donor advised funds, or DAFs, impact investing, and even corporate giving. These strategies, however, may not “talk” enough to each other to maximize overall philanthropic impact. Learn how to develop a more purposeful, integrated approach to your philanthropy and choose the vehicle—or combination of vehicles—that fits your goals, timing, and giving style.

  • Glean lessons from philanthropists who have adopted a cohesive strategy for getting value from multiple giving vehicles.
  • Audit your own giving practices to identify opportunities for integration.

This session will be presented with the following formats: Case Study, Group Discussion, Worksheet

Leena Barakat, Tides; Henry Berman, Exponent Philanthropy; Katie Collins, Fidelity Charitable; Gio Kotoriy, MHA, PMP, Sterling Foundation Management

This session is generously supported by Fidelity Charitable® and Sterling Foundation Management

1:30–4:30 pm            Risky Behavior: It Could Be a Good Thing

Since September 2008, foundation boards have been learning that the “old” rules of portfolio management have changed. It’s been hard to earn 8%–9% per year on the foundation portfolio to maintain spending levels over time. Almost 10 years later, this environment still challenges foundation decision making around many investment issues. Explore how foundation boards are approaching decisions such as global diversification, active and passive investing, and the role of alternative strategies.

  • Recognize characteristics of group financial decision-making behavior
  • Examine how the behaviors play out in real investment decisions and compare with your board’s financial decision making processes.

Elizabeth Cabell Jennings, CFA, CAIA, SunTrust Bank; John Church, CFA, Glenmede; Ben Valore-Caplan, Syntrinsic Investment Counsel, LLC

This session will be presented with the following formats: Presentations, Group Discussions

DAY 2:                Monday, October 16

9:30–11:45 am           Let’s Make an Impact Investing Deal

What does impact investing look like in practice? How do you take your desire to put investment dollars to work toward mission into action? There are multiple ways that individuals and leanly staffed foundations source or engage in impact investing deals. What is involved in planning for change and/or shifting investment plans to actual implementation and measurement? Learn strategies to continue on your own path to impact investing.Understand the role of investment consultants and foundation trustees and/or investment committee members in sourcing deals.

  • Understand the role of both direct investments and equities and fixed income in the portfolio in realizing the mission of the organization through investments through examples.
  • Assess your investor identity in order to plan your next steps – whether evaluating currently portfolio holdings or making below-market or market rate deals or asset shifts.

Travis Allen, Bernstein Private Wealth Management; Alexandra LaForge, Investors’ Circle; Raúl Pomares, Sonen Capital

This session will be presented with the following formats: Presentations, Worksheet

1:30–4:30 pm            The Flexible, Creative Donor Advised Fund

Many philanthropists think of donor advised funds, or DAFs, as straightforward charitable bank accounts through which you can donate money. DAFs, though, can help you accomplish much more than that. Learn about the range of creative uses of DAF accounts, from funding organizations outside the United States to generating funds for impact investing.

  • Understand more advanced uses of DAF accounts.
  • Determine which options fit your personal or organizational philanthropic goals.

Katie Collins, Fidelity Charitable; Tory Dietel Hopps, Dietel Partners; Karen Heald, Fidelity Charitable; Mark Ricketson, Fidelity Charitable

This session is generously supported by Fidelity Charitable®