Connecting Generations Track Schedule

CONNECTing Generations
ConnectingGenerationsThis multigenerational experience helps you make significant progress in solving evergreen succession challenges. Younger participants work in their generational cohorts to articulate their visions for the future of philanthropy. Separately, founders and first-generation participants identify actionable succession challenges, leaving with commitments and proposals to address their particular needs. All participants ultimately convene for a dialogue experience that prepares everyone to move to a new phase of intergenerational engagement.

Day 1:        Sunday, October 15

1:30–4:30 pm            Gen Xers and Millennials Shape the Next Gen Legacy

Younger participants (roughly 50 or under) learn about and question the available research on Generations X and Y (the Millennials). Work in generational cohorts and then together to articulate your individual vision and collective visions for the future of philanthropy in preparation for the “CONNECTing Across Generations” session.

  • Become more familiar with generational research in the social sector.
  • Learn about models of Next Gen leadership in philanthropy and nonprofit settings.
  • Begin developing a personal mission statement and practice articulating your vision to more senior philanthropists you work with—whether family members or employers.

Jeffrey M. Glebocki, Strategy + Action/Philanthropy; ; Wendy Jaffe, The Trio Foundation of St. Louis; Erin Linder, Katherine W. & Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation; Linda Stevens Spady, Winifred Stevens Foundation; Angela Tracy, Tracy Family Foundation

This session will be presented with the following formats: Presentation, Reflection, Group Discussion

DAY 2:                Monday, October 16

9:30–11:45 am           The Succession Opportunity: Looking Forward, Acting Now

This session is for founders and first-gen participants (roughly 50+). Hear about succession success stories, work with colleagues to identify specific and actionable challenges you are facing, and leave with commitments and proposals to address your particular needs in preparation for the “CONNECTing Across Generations session.”

  • Compare and contrast succession case studies.
  • Identify concrete roadblocks to successful philanthropy in your setting.
  • Develop a proposal for making changes to address roadblocks that you can share with younger members in your philanthropic setting.

Sara Beggs, Intentional Philanthropy; John Amoroso, The David and Lura Lovell Foundation; Jane Leighty Justis, The Leighty Foundation

This session will be presented with the following formats: Presentation, Ignite Talks, Group Discussion, Worksheet

DAY 3:                Tuesday, October 17

8:45–11:00 am           Connecting Across Generations

This intergenerational dialogue experience gives voice to ideas generated in the preceding “CONNECTING Generations” track sessions. It provides a new understanding of each generation’s hopes and a commitment to building and strengthening bridges between younger and more senior philanthropists.

  • Model productive, frank, and supportive intergenerational dialogue.
  • Create proposals for new approaches to succession and leadership development to take home to your philanthropic organization.

Michael Moody, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Grand Valley State University

This session will be presented with the following formats: Group Discussion